Photo by luce newman-williams

Photo by luce newman-williams

I love to perform.  Not only does it give me a chance to test what I have learned in the study of rhetoric but it is also a huge thrill - at least it is when it goes well.

I mainly perform my own comic stories.  I regularly appear at Tall Tales, a comic storytelling night in London.  From that night came my first one-man show, The Brandreth Papers, which had a hugely successful run at both the Edinburgh Fringe and on its London transfer.  I am returning to Edinburgh in 2018 with a new show, A Hero For Our Times.

As well as performing my own material I occasionally act.  In 2017 I appeared in an experimental production of Hamlet at the Park Theatre in London directed by Simon Evans and David Aula.  With only three actors, me, my father and my wife Kosha Engler, it took the play and stripped it down to the family drama.  The experiment wasn’t always successful but the experience was amazing and my understanding of the play, the part of Hamlet and Shakespeare’s use of language was immeasurably enhanced. 



"Rib-shakingly hilarious"

— (The Brandreth Papers)

"Superbly performed, captivating"

— ThreeWeeks (The Brandreth Papers)

"Shakespeare was written for him to recite"

— Henley Standard