Welcome to my website.  Here you can find out more about my work as a barrister, a novelist, an expert on rhetoric and Shakespeare’s use of language, a performer and, occasionally, an actor.  Although it might seem from that list as if I have a hard time concentrating on any one thing, in fact there is a common thread: a love of language and an interest in its power to persuade, to teach, to delight and to move.

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Soho Theatre March 2019

"A brilliant, witty man at his peak" ★★★★ - Chortle
★★★★ - The Scotsman
★★★★★ - UK Theatre Network

The Spy of Venice

"A playful and inventive debut" - The Times
"Entertaining and ebullient" - The Daily Mail

The Assassin of Verona

"Sparkling, all-action adventure" - Lancashire Evening Post
"A clever, engaging read" - The Times


“Brandreth knows his Shakespeare backwards, rejoices in its wordplay, loves his allusions and has a good time with his characters. So did I.”

- Elizabeth Buchan, The Daily Mail